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​​What does the program actually consist of?

  • Our basic tools (Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, Concepts and Promises, the serenity prayer, slogans and Just for Todays)

  • EA literature (the EA book, which features writings on the Steps and personal recovery stories; our daily meditation book Today and other program-approved literature)

  • weekly meetings

  • being in contact with fellow members via telephone, the internet or in person

  • and living the program one day at a time (Concept 1)

Do I need to share personal information?

All participation at EA meetings is voluntary. No one is required to talk or to give personal information. However, if we wish to, we share about our own personal experiences and feelings and how we use the program.

As an anonymous program, EA respects the confidentiality of its members at all times. It is entirely up to us what we choose to tell other members about ourselves. This anonymity also gives us the freedom to share our thoughts and feelings at meetings because what is said there is not to be repeated to anyone else.


The EA literature talks a lot about God…

The 12 steps were first developed by white, middle class Americans in the 1930s. This is reflected in the language. However, EA clearly states that “Members may feel free to substitute 'Higher Power' or another term for 'God' in reading our literature.” In other words, we can feel free to extract the essence of the program while disregarding the cultural bias.


Is the EA program a religious program, then?

Emotions Anonymous is a spiritual program, not a religious program. We do not advocate any particular belief system (Concept 7). People of all faiths, as well as atheists and agnostics, are part of our fellowship. And, just in case you are worrying about this, experience has shown that the EA program works equally well for those with or without religious beliefs or affiliations.

How is EA financed?

Emotions Anonymous is a non-profit organisation, supported by voluntary contributions of its members. No financial support is accepted from outside sources. Donations are collected at each meeting to cover the expenses for maintaining our organisation.

Is EA an ongoing financial commitment?

No. All contributions at meetings are voluntary. There are never any ongoing fees or charges and no membership fee.

How long do I need to come to meetings?

As long as you want to come. Most people at­tend regularly because meetings serve to pro­mote continuous emotional stability, but there is no expectation for you to do so.

Many members plan to continue for the rest of their lives because EA becomes a way of life and they wish to be helpful to newcomers by shar­ing their program. However, you must answer this question for yourself.

Many meetings seem to be held in church or hospital facilities. Does that mean the meet­ings are sponsored by these institutions?

No. Most churches are empathetic to twelve-step groups and provide meeting space at rea­sonable rents. Some hospitals consider twelve-step groups a valuable follow-up to their own care and for that reason make meet­ing rooms available.

Is EA certain to make me well?

There are no guarantees that any twelve-step program can bring permanent recovery. We can say only that many people have found relief and recovery from working the EA pro­gram. Your best guide is to talk to EA members and get personal testimonies as to what EA has done for them.


We come here to live a “new way of life” through the twelve steps. The program will help you to find solutions that lead to serenity. So much depends on our own attitudes. As we learn to place our problems in their true perspective, we find they lose their power to dominate our thoughts and our lives. The loving exchange of help among members and daily reading of EA literature make us ready to receive the priceless gift of serenity.​

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