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Here are some key dates and events from EA's history:

- EA is one of several dozen 12-step organisations. We call them thus because they are based upon 12 steps that lay out the way to recovery from addiction and compulsive behaviour. They were first written down by friends Bill W. and Dr. Bob in 1938 shortly after their founding of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

- In the 1950s the first 12-step organisation other than AA was founded, Al-Anon, in which spouses and families of alcoholics gather.


- Bill W., after having overcome his alcohol addiction, still suffered from what he called "neurotic" problems, notably depression. In order to work together to overcome these issues, he thought that the foundation of a new 12-step group could be beneficial.

- In 1964 the first 'Neurotics Anonymous' (N/A) group was founded in Washington, D.C.

- Emotions Anonymous is an offshoot of N/A with a very similar focus, namely to aid recovery from mental or emotional difficulties. EA was incorporated in the United States in 1971.

- In the same year EA received permission from the World Service Office of AA to use their (slightly reworded) 12 Steps and 12 Traditions in conjunction with its program. The first pamphlet 'You are not alone' was published shortly afterwards.

- Since 1972 EA publishes a newsletter, currently called Connection. You can access it here.

- In 1978 the main EA book, simply called 'Emotions Anonymous' was first published. It was revised in 1995. For full bibliographic information, see the literature section of this website.

- In 1987 our second most important book, 'Today', which features daily reflections and meditations, saw the light of day.

- In 1996 the international EA website was first established. There you can find information about all things EA, e.g. existant EA literature (some downloadable for free), a list of EA groups worldwide, the online discussion forum 'The loop', links to Skype meetings, newcomer information, how to get involved in our movement (we are run almost exclusively by volunteers) and much more.


- As of June 2016 there are now 616 EA groups in 27 countries around the globe. EA literature is available in 20 languages. The country with the most groups is still the US with 283 groups, followed by Germany with 133 groups. In the UK there are currently 6 groups.​


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